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  • (Bangladesh Rollout)
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ImpactApp is a community-driven application using anonymous Bluetooth and GPS Data to track interactions with other devices, whether they have ImpactApp installed or not.

When an active COVID-19 case is reported on ImpactApp, anyone at high risk can be notified and seek priority testing.

When registering, ImpactApp only asks for your phone number, age and gender. ImpactApp collects no unnecessary information about you, and your location data is encrypted, even to us.

Using Encrypted Bluetooth and GPS Data, ImpactApp tracks every interaction you have without exposing anything about you, or them.

Learn the symptoms, precautionary steps and get notified of any high-risk activity. ImpactApp only presents information and advice relevant to YOU

ImpactApp is community-driven, help create certainty of information in the community by logging your symptoms and status.

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