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Our “True North” directs every action we take as a company and determines the cohesiveness of every individual and client we engage with. AngelApps emerged through the symbiosis of Sherlock Technology Corporation and Earthlink Alliance. Collectively we have developed relationships across boarders adding unrivalled value to a multitude of projects, customers and clients globally some of which include, international governtments, corporations and entreprenuers of the highest calibre.

We are a team of highly skilled, dedicated and passionate individuals who don't descriminate or undervalue any idea or concept that comes our way. We work regularly with the, "little guy" as well as the large conglomerates. We understand how hard it can be to navigate the start up arena as all of us have gone through the process and learned many leasons along the way. We pride ourselves in not only being exceptional developers and solutions architects but also as a company our ability to share knowledge and guide our clients through the trials and tribulations involved in starting a company, product or new technology.

We design and develop mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business.

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Our Team

More than just team, a family made up of dedicated professionals and entrepreneurs.

Currently we have 27 developers in our app development team however have the capacity to expand to 300.

Nikolai Heaphy-Page
Nikolai Heaphy-Page Innovation Technical Director
With a deep love of software and hardware, Nikolai personifies what it truely means to be an innovator in the tech industry.
Johann Nogueira
Johann Nogueira Tech Investor, Business Mentor, Strategist
A leader cultivating other leaders, a strategist and visionary of the highest calibre through empowerment and support.
Andrew Mouawad
Andrew Mouawad Director Of Client Success
A suvant in technological comprehension with the ability to delivery complex solutions, simply. Andrew translates, guides, develops & realys.
Sumanth Meesala
Sumanth Kumar Meesala Senior Developer, Software Architect
A relentless desire to understand and solve the pain of the customer, he's thoroughly efficient always striving for perfection in his skills.