Landlordy Property Management

Rental Tracker For Landlords

Landlordy Property Management

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Rental Tracker For Landlords

Manage your private landlord business – track tenants, rent payments, invoices and expenses, manage appliances and maintenance records, keep track of tenant balance and payment history, get instant financial reports and useful reminders to be an even better landlord.

Simple and easy to use. Enhanced by details that matter - e.g. optimised document camera with b&w mode that helps saving space on your device, drag&drop, keyboard for entering amounts that supports simple calculations. And there's more.

Version History
  • Added support for recurring expenses (Plus and Pro edition feature)
  • Added option to edit expense and rent payment details directly in the Reports tab.
  • Added option to share tenant balance report for previous month.
  • Arrears (total amount of outstanding rent payments) and total amount of unpaid expenses due are displayed in the Reminders tab when reminders are grouped by reminder type.
  • This version adds support for latest iOS version and new iPhone models, improvements for handling attached photos/files as well as performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Multiple images or pdf files can be added as attachments at once when attachments are selected from Files (use [Select] button in the document picker to select multiple files and then confirm your choice with [Open] button).
  • Photo/attachment picker has [Paste from clipboard] option if there are images or pdf files copied in clipboard.
  • Tenant delete dialog includes clarification how to handle tenant move-out without deleting existing tenant data.
  • Settings-Backup data row shows how much time passed since last backup of the app data.
  • Support for iOS12 and new device screens.
  • Performance improvements.
  • This version prepares app for upcoming iOS 11 version and includes user experience improvements and bug fixes.